Basic Tips for Buying Your Nursing Bras

  • Nursing bra size ~ Make sure you get measured when you are buying nursing bras …especially when buying online, you will need to know your size.
  • When to a buy nursing bra? Remember that when you start breastfeeding your breasts will be much larger than during pregnancy…so don’t think you can purchase a bra during pregnancy to fit while breastfeeding. You will have to get a larger size for growth or wait until you breastfeed before purchasing a breastfeeding bra. Most moms safely buy one cup size larger if they are buying them while pregnant.
  • Comfortable nursing bras ~ Get a bra in a fabric that won’t irritate your skin or straps that won’t cut into your shoulders…thicker straps are best.
  • Cotton bras are great because they decrease your chances of getting thrush (yeast infection) caused through dampness.
  • Convenience ~ Is it easy to open for breastfeeding? Will you be able to easily unhook it with only one hand?
  • Is there still enough space for nursing pads?
  • Does it support your breasts well? You should have all the benefits of a regular bra. This is important as you don’t want to end up straining your back.
  • Underwired bras and breastfeeding ~ Are you looking for an underwire bra or wireless nursing bra? It is actually not recommended using underwire nursing bras because they are known to reduce milk production and even lead to blocked milk ducts and mastitis. If you want to wear an underwire breastfeeding bra, make sure it doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your breasts.
  • Think of buying at least three nursing bras, you will need to wash them and you might leak every now and then…you wouldn’t want to sit without a bra.
  • Does the bra open completely or partially? What would be convenient for you personally?
  • Supportive nursing bras ~ For bigger breasted women it would be a good idea to look out for a nursing bra with thicker straps, this will help for support.
  • Make sure the bra is not too tight or too loose. The bra that is too tight can hinder your milk supply.
  • A good breastfeeding bra will still support your breasts even when it’s open while breastfeeding.
  • Make sure that the bra fits you on its tightest setting so that you still have room to grow into it. Your breast size should settle at about 2 weeks after giving birth.
  • Your breasts should fit inside the bra and not be spilling out the top, this will prevent unnecessary pressure on your breast tissue.

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