How to choose Maternity Panties


Now that, you are pregnant, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the growing bump, you can
still have it chic and stylish, with cute panties!

Unless you are carrying a multi pregnancy or growing way bigger than the normal, your
pre-pregnancy pants will still be useful in the first trimester. However, heading into the second
semester, you can treat yourself to cute panties without upsetting your little world growing inside

With little efforts, and depending on your budget, you can have panties designed to fit around
your ever-rounding belly and expanding tights.

A good maternity panty will offer a good coverage at the back, and a waistband that doesn’t ride
up on the belly bump. Suitable panties will be full at the back and lower in front, fitting nicely
under the bump without pressure.

The idea is to make it not too loose, and not too tight so that they don’t leave imprints in the
sensitive areas, neither ride up or pull down around the crotch as you push through the delivery

There are usually 2 concerns when making the decision to purchase your maternity panties:


The Size

Generally, it is advised to have 2 sizes up your pre-preggo size, but go through the manufacturer
chart of sizes, that has a conversion between your pre-pregnancy size and the current one.

If you are on a budget, you will want to order a set for the whole pregnancy period. It will be
better to have it a bit bigger to have it carry you through till delivery, and even early postpartum.

Yes, the bump doesn’t just disappear after delivery! This will call for a larger size that has a waist
stretchy enough to stay in place below your bump, and the leg holes wide enough not to make
you feel as if your circulation was cut.

If you can, purchase a set for the second trimester, and another one for the last trimester and the
postpartum, you won’t compromise comfort with the ever-expanding bump.


The Fabric

The pregnancy alone, is already a period of discomfort for most women who feel more sweaty, as the body goes through all the transformations to make itself viable enough for the baby. You will generally want it breathable, and soft; the stretchy cotton panties will make the deal. Look for the panties that have more cotton percentage and some amount of spandex weaved into it. The stretchy band waist will accommodate the ever-expanding bump while keeping you cool.

Follow the manufacturer instructions, on washing them. This will protect your panties from getting loose after washing them.